You’re going to be making a poster that’s ANGRY!
Use it to share what it is that gets you annoyed, mad – or even furious!
For inspiration, check out the posters by the people who made the play.
It works best if you if you’re specific about what makes you angry.
So, for example, rather than simply saying it’s ‘people’ who make you angry,
you could say something like ‘People who drive SUVs and deny the icecaps are melting’
or ‘People who don’t keep a distance of 1.5 metres’.
For the best results, alternate long and short answers.



Please give at least 10 answers.
This list might help with some ideas:

  • Parties
  • Your family
  • School/Work
  • TV
  • Celebrities
  • Your neighbourhood
  • Politics
  • Being on holiday
  • The world
  • Traffic
  • How animals are treated
  • Social media
  • People’s language
  • Music
  • Rules
  • Technical devices